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Resume Writing and Professional Development 

These days, it's important to present yourself professionally and in a manner that differentiates you from less qualified candidates. We portray your incomparable strengths in comparison to others so that prospective employers will choose you above the rest. Through our high-quality, well-written resumes and our other ancillary career services we deliver proven results. Count on our resume writing services and career development advice to help you secure your new dream job or to advance you upwards into better opportunities with your existing employer.

Why We Are Unique

Resumes of Florida is a subsidiary of the well-established and highly successful Resumes of Buffalo. With over 12,000 clients and growing, no one else has more experience at writing your career story with greater success in finding the right words to communicate your strengths than Byron Dibble. With over 30 years’ of success in management, award-winning sales achievement, customer service, teaching, and writing, he is ideally qualified to guide you in securing your next best role with your next critical role with a new company or promotion into a new position.

Byron consults with you in  one-on-one meetings, and uncovers inventory and strengths about your career and accomplishments, everything that is needed to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, including things your may have taken for granted which have been excluded from your existing resume. 









Michael Hurd
January 2024

I would like to thank Byron Dibble from Resumes of Florida for creating such a beautiful resume for me. As a result I was fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers. Byron spent a great deal of time and patience with me to create a resume that truly did shine. Truly the best resume experience and outcome that I’ve ever experienced. I was able to obtain a wonderful position with an excellent company with excellent pay and bonus as well. Thank you again Byron for a resume that highlighted my many abilities and strengths over my long career. You are best!

Justin Densmore
December 2023

For quite some time, switching careers seemed impossible.
From filling out hundreds of applications and getting about two interviews in that time was extremely discouraging. Decided to google “resume writers” and that’s when my awesome journey started! Byron at Resumes of Florida is a down to earth guy that from the get-go, thrived on helping me succeed in my career. After a good day or two throughly combing the details, Byron had created a Masterpiece Resume. Literally the day I put my newly reformed Resume out and filled a few more applications out, I got an interview on 3 of the 5 that were filled out! About 2 weeks after and a final 3rd round interview, I scored my first transitional career job!! I definitely could not have done it without Resumes of Florida’s help. As I progress through my IT journey, I will definitely be linking back up with Byron to update my resume with the knowledge I have learned so far. Give him a call…
He’s awesome!

80, 5-Star Google Reviews for Resumes of Buffalo
11, 5-Star Google Reviews for Resumes of Florida

Alberto Rodriguez
February 2024

Byron was amazing. He worked on my resume expertly, removing the clutter and excess information and bringing to life my achievements and experience without making me sound old. Only a master can do that. I HIGHLY recommend Byron!!!

Michelle Spight
November 2022

Byron was exceptional - he has a knack for accurately and descriptively telling an individuals story through their career journey . He has a proven track record for successfully leveraging mutually beneficial employment opportunities . I appreciate most his polite and welcoming demeanor. He truly gives his undivided attention to his clients and partners in their success ! I HIGHLY recommend his services.

Donald Braun
January 2024

Resumes of Floria is outstanding. I had no idea how to organize my decades of experience and now have an articulate and concise resume plus new job. The low cost brought tremendous returns! I wholeheartedly recommend
Byron and Resumes of Florida.

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